Varun Yellina

UX intern at GoZoomo

Working remotely with a fast paced startup.

It all started on the 19th of January. I was in my final semester at college. I was torn between getting into design against applying for a finance job in line with my degree in economics.

Unsure of who would hire me, I started applying to a few startups hoping that they’d be flexible with my educational qualifications. And it paid off. With a month I had interviewed at GoZoomo and got an offer to join them. Since I had a few months left before I graduated, I decided to intern with them.

What does GoZoomo do?

GoZoomo facilitates peer-to-peer interactions between buyers and sellers in the used cars segment. They promise to eliminate middlemen, and provide inspections and warranty services to buyers.

During my internship I worked on redesigning certain areas of their website involving both web design and prototyping to quickly see interactions with proposed elements.

Web design and prototyping

Listed below are pages that I designed. Every page was a different design cause we were still experimenting.

  • FAQ
  • About
  • Careers


You can minimize the Facebook Messenger modal and also see search suggestions appear in the prototype here.


You can view team member details by clicking on them in the prototype here. Try opening on Arnav.


View Brand Manger details by clicking on it in the prototype here.


Another task was to make creatives for seller acquisition i.e, attracting individuals selling their cars onto the GoZoomo platform.

I thoroughly enjoyed working for these guys. The energy and pace of their operations was just overwhelming.